My “Lorelei” pattern test for Ebeth Designs!


In the last week I had the opportunity to test a women’s dress pattern for Elizabeth of Ebeth Designs.

Basically meaning that she sent me the pattern before it was released, and I sewed it up in my choice of fabrics in my size. When a designer creates a new clothing pattern it has to be tested by various people of different sizes to ensure that the fit is correct. So that’s where seamstresses like me come in!
(I was not compensated for this review other than receiving the pattern and I used my own fabrics.)

The Lorelei dress has a scoop yoke neckline, high waist half circle skirt that has an amazing twirl factor, fully lined with a petticoat for some classic volume and zipper up the back. It can be dressed up or dressed down! So many amazing details to make it really professional inside and out. “It comes in 12 different sizes, 00 (31″ chest) to 20 (46″ chest), with cups A-DD separately sized 00-20.” I LOVE the fact that it covers so many different sizes!!! I think it is hard for one style of dress to look nice on a 00 and at the same time a size 20. But this dress truly does. Every single testers dress looked so flattering. This is Elizabeth’s first women’s pattern and she did such a great job. There is even a little girls version to match! Though I don’t own it, I am considering purchasing so that Sophia and I can have matching dresses. 🙂
I would not say that this is a quick sew because of all of the cutting and details.

This is the first dress that I have ever sewn for myself! I used a cotton lawn that my friend Shannon sent to me a couple months back. 🙂 Thank you Shannon!!






I wanted to include a couple photos of the garment on a hanger for a different visual aspect of its shape.



You can purchase the pattern here!!

I would love to answer any questions you have!!



RIP favorite tshirt <3

I’ve had this same T-shirt since high school from Urban Outfitters and it is my absolute favorite. It’s fitted through the bust somewhat and then flows away from the body in a really pretty silhouette. Everyone always asked if I was pregnant because it really does look like a maternity shirt LOL Comfiest shirt ever!!
Well.. It passed away a couple of nights ago. I completely deconstructed it because it had too much wear and large holes started forming.
I don’t have any great photos of it on me before because it was just in pretty bad shape. BUT, I was able to take it apart carefully and use it as a base for a new shirt and it is almost identical!! I am so so so proud!! And super excited because that means I can recreate this top that is no longer sold, a million times over if I want!! So here are a few pics and I just *know* that you’ll be as pumped as I am 😉




Fabric is a lightweight red tag knit from Joanns.

I love it!! I know most will think “wow.. a tshirt” HAHA but its so much more than that!

Thanks for reading!

Valentines Day Dress for Sophia!


Cali Faye Collection Scene VI

This was such a fun dress to make for her!! I love the really unique piecing on the bodice triangles and the empire waist AND super twirly circle skirt!! She looks like an angel in it and says it’s her “ballerina dress.” 😉
I made an error around where the elastic goes but I actually love how it turned out so I may stick with my version if I make more in the future.

I initially purchased the pattern in hopes that I could upsize to fit myself. I contacted the designer, Sarah, and
she said a women’s version is in the works! Slowly but surely. 🙂

Thanks for looking. I’ll add photos of her in it hopefully tomorrow!!

❤ Catie

Edited to add: