Mocha Recipe Tutorial

Good morning!! I wanted to share with you a simple Mocha recipe that I tried today with good results. These instructions are for an espresso machine but you could always use strong brewed coffee and a frothing wand if you don’t have an espresso machine. Although technically, it isn’t a mocha without espresso πŸ˜‰

A mocha is equal parts espresso, mocha sauce and milk.

My machine is a Delonghi Ec155. It’s an entry level pump driven machine which works perfectly for me and what I need!

Now I’m not a barista or work in a coffeehouse so I may not do everything “by the book.” πŸ˜‰

You will need:

Quality espresso, I am using LavAzza that I purchased at World Market for $10.

A milk or dark chocolate syrup. I purchased this at World Market for $6. Torani is what you will find in coffeehouses around the world. I also have a caramel syrup of the same brand and it is delicious. I do not recommend Hershey’s or anything similar.

1/4 c of milk (or more) Personal preference. Milk will double in size once steamed so keep that in mind.

Stainless steel frothing pitcher. I used a stainless bowl that I kept cold in the fridge. (Until my pitcher arrives in the mail)


You’ll want to pour some in your mug. I used about 1 tablespoon but you can use more or less depending on preference. ***You can also put it in your espresso shot cup so that the espresso is brewed right onto it and heats it up.***


Go ahead and fill your filter with espresso and tamp it then attach it to your machine. Don’t brew just yet.


You will want to work quickly now. Get out your pitcher and milk and steam until the pitcher feels uncomfortable to the touch.


Wipe off your steaming wand and shoot some steam through to clear it out.

Set your steamed milk aside and get your espresso machine heated up.


Brew according to your directions. My machines green ok light will go off when I need to dial the knob back and the shot is done.



Now this is important, get your mug with the chocolate syrup and pour the espresso shot in. Add the steamed milk straight away. You only have 10 seconds from the time the espresso shot is done brewing to connect to the milk while the shot is live.


I couldn’t get a picture of this step because it’s a little hard to hold up the camera while pouring the milk :p

Mix it up a bit with the syrup in the bottom and drizzle some on the top or add whipped cream if you want.

There ya go! Enjoy!




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