September snuck up on me!

Liams 2nd Birthday will be here in less than two weeks! I won’t be throwing him a party this year but will of course make his day really special. ❀ I’ve ordered him a custom cake from a vegan bakery called MudPie in Westport. It’s the same place I bought his 1st birthday cake. πŸ™‚ (He has a dairy and peanut allergy so that is why it is vegan.) They are so friendly and helpful. Their coffee and baked goods are great too!ΒΒ  Definitely check them out if you’re ever down in that area!!

2013-09-13_1379110645 - Copy

A couple of weeks back I made him this shirt that ended up looking like a scrub top lol so I did not post it. I really hope to make more boys clothing the next few months because I NEVER do! I haven’t had any time to make him an outfit or ANY gifts this year *boo hoo!!* :(( but here is his outfit from last year:liam1st

Β At the end of the month I will be a bridesmaid in my best friends wedding and Sophia will be one of the flower girls so we’ll have to travel out of town for that. We can’t wait πŸ™‚ But all of these preparations plus sewing for work leave little to zero time for pleasure sewing. I will be around but probably not with any new creations (even though I have about a million things I would love to make!!)Β  I have also been thinking a lot lately about what I would like to do long term for my career, what my goals are. I have been looking into schools in the area and trying to make decisions regarding that.

(If you were wondering about the top I was testing for Amelie & Henri, Kerri has put it on hold because we ran into some bumps and women’s patterns are just naturally harder to draft. Everyones bodies are so different. I hope to be able to finish that soon and share because I am really happy with it so far)Β 


Here are some pictures from my babies FIRST Birthday!! We had such a fun day. It was circus themed. I had little popcorn boxes for the self serve candy bar and cotton candy in glasses. Mason jar glasses with paper straws topped with mustaches. I borrowed two bouncy houses also and the kids loved them!


Β 2013-09-14_1379186202 2013-09-15_1379212996 2013-09-15_1379213054 2013-09-15_1379276598 2013-09-16_1379340631 Here he is with Papa in his mommy made birthday romper!!!


Hope to be sewing and creating soon πŸ™‚






Sewpony “Cosi” Vintage Swimsuit (pattern test)

Good morning!! My latest pattern test was for Suzanne of SewPony It is her newest pattern the Cosi Swimsuit which is a vintage inspired one piece and two piece. She is such a sweet woman and I would love to test for her again in the future!

(I was not compensated for this review. I dedicated my time and materials to test this pattern and in return, received the finished final pattern.)

This was my first swimsuit that I have sewn and I did run into some issues. Not the pattern, but the fabric which is a nylon lycra is super slippery and hard to sew. I feel like without a serger, it would be really hard to get a professional look. My sewing machine (and a lot of machines) like to stretch the knit material leaving the seams all wavy and pulled out of place. It’s just a learning curve and something that can be accomplished. But like I said it was my first suit and a definite learning experience. I have plans to redo Sophia’s bikini top which is the part that did not turn out quite how I wanted.

The suit starts at size 6 months and goes up to a size 10. Its vintage inspired with the high waisted bottoms of the two piece. It has options of a one piece or a two piece with center ruching panels on either suit, peplum skirt, leg frills, halter straps or adjustable straps. A ton of different ways to make this suit completely your own. I did the two piece with ruching, leg frills and halter straps. I have plans for more in the future!! You can pick up the pattern here!:

It is honestly the cutest swimsuit I have seen and LOVE that I can make it for years and summers to come!!

Suzanne was super awesome and really involved in the whole testing process. She listened to all of the feedback from every tester and implemented any changes to make the pattern seamless and perfect.

Here is my finished suit and Sophia loves it! (The top is loose around top and bottom so I am going to recut and redo that whole piece)






Thanks for checking out my project!!


ETA: I’m not sure why the photos are so small! I will be back to add larger. Also it was a grey rainy day here when I took these.

My “Lorelei” pattern test for Ebeth Designs!


In the last week I had the opportunity to test a women’s dress pattern for Elizabeth of Ebeth Designs.

Basically meaning that she sent me the pattern before it was released, and I sewed it up in my choice of fabrics in my size. When a designer creates a new clothing pattern it has to be tested by various people of different sizes to ensure that the fit is correct. So that’s where seamstresses like me come in!
(I was not compensated for this review other than receiving the pattern and I used my own fabrics.)

The Lorelei dress has a scoop yoke neckline, high waist half circle skirt that has an amazing twirl factor, fully lined with a petticoat for some classic volume and zipper up the back. It can be dressed up or dressed down! So many amazing details to make it really professional inside and out. “It comes in 12 different sizes, 00 (31β€³ chest) to 20 (46β€³ chest), with cups A-DD separately sized 00-20.” I LOVE the fact that it covers so many different sizes!!! I think it is hard for one style of dress to look nice on a 00 and at the same time a size 20. But this dress truly does. Every single testers dress looked so flattering. This is Elizabeth’s first women’s pattern and she did such a great job. There is even a little girls version to match! Though I don’t own it, I am considering purchasing so that Sophia and I can have matching dresses. πŸ™‚
I would not say that this is a quick sew because of all of the cutting and details.

This is the first dress that I have ever sewn for myself! I used a cotton lawn that my friend Shannon sent to me a couple months back. πŸ™‚ Thank you Shannon!!






I wanted to include a couple photos of the garment on a hanger for a different visual aspect of its shape.



You can purchase the pattern here!!

I would love to answer any questions you have!!


RIP favorite tshirt <3

I’ve had this same T-shirt since high school from Urban Outfitters and it is my absolute favorite. It’s fitted through the bust somewhat and then flows away from the body in a really pretty silhouette. Everyone always asked if I was pregnant because it really does look like a maternity shirt LOL Comfiest shirt ever!!
Well.. It passed away a couple of nights ago. I completely deconstructed it because it had too much wear and large holes started forming.
I don’t have any great photos of it on me before because it was just in pretty bad shape. BUT, I was able to take it apart carefully and use it as a base for a new shirt and it is almost identical!! I am so so so proud!! And super excited because that means I can recreate this top that is no longer sold, a million times over if I want!! So here are a few pics and I just *know* that you’ll be as pumped as I am πŸ˜‰




Fabric is a lightweight red tag knit from Joanns.

I love it!! I know most will think “wow.. a tshirt” HAHA but its so much more than that!

Thanks for reading!

My “Caroline” pattern test for Mouse House Creations

I had the privilege of testing a new women’s top/dress pattern by Mouse House Creations
It’s a very classic design with a ton of included options.

* 5 sleeve lengths: sleeveless, cap, short, 3/4 length, and long.
* 4 skirt lengths: peplum, above knee, at knee, and below knee.
* 2 skirt styles: gathered and pleated
* 2 neckline heights
* optional peter pan collar
* optional inseam pockets
* optional belt loops

I chose to do the peplum with collar option which I LOVE!
This was my first time inserting a zipper and a collar and her instructions were awesome. πŸ™‚
I see many more of these in my closet for sure!

She even has this in little girl sizes so Sophia and I can match!!

The pattern is now available here:

Here comes the photo bomb!







Link to purchase:
Thanks for visiting!


Valentines Day Dress for Sophia!


Cali Faye Collection Scene VI

This was such a fun dress to make for her!! I love the really unique piecing on the bodice triangles and the empire waist AND super twirly circle skirt!! She looks like an angel in it and says it’s her “ballerina dress.” πŸ˜‰
I made an error around where the elastic goes but I actually love how it turned out so I may stick with my version if I make more in the future.

I initially purchased the pattern in hopes that I could upsize to fit myself. I contacted the designer, Sarah, and
she said a women’s version is in the works! Slowly but surely. πŸ™‚

Thanks for looking. I’ll add photos of her in it hopefully tomorrow!!

❀ Catie

Edited to add:





Tights into Leggings: Free Tutorial!


Sophia has these adorable heart knee tights that she outgrew (or they shrank) that I just couldn’t part with. I thought.. why not repurpose into leggings? It was super quick, great results and you only need a sewing machine and a twin needle.

Twin Needle
Coordinating Thread

Lay out your tights and cut the feet off. I cut it right above where it started curving, as low as I could.




You’ll need two spools of thread in the same color, OR what I did is use a bobbin and a spool of thread.

I put my width and length to their max so that the stitch would stretch a little with the fabric.

I also lowered my presser foot pressure to a 1 so that it wouldn’t pull the knit material and stretch it out and make a wonky wavy seam.

Install your twin needle and thread left to right. Top Bobbin in the left needle, spool in the right.


Fold your bottom legs in and under about a 1/4″ or however short you want them to be. Pin in place.
20140122-111906.jpg (visual of how to fold under)

Sew on the TOP, the outside, so that the nice double rows of top stitching are visible on the outside and the zig zag is inside against the leg.



They’re DONE! Beautiful! πŸ™‚ And she’ll get a little bit more use out of them before I have to donate.